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World Book Day 2014

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Visiting Writer

Natalie Meg Evans Visits LHS: Lunchtime on 6th March in LR

Award winning writer and LHS alumnus Natalie Meg Evans is visiting us for an interactive lunchtime session on 6th March at 1.10 in the lecture room.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend - bring a lunch to go and don't miss this exciting opportunity.

Natalie will be reading us a sneak preview of her new book, showing us a cover art preview and talking about the process of writing for a living.


Natalie was signed to Quercus as a result of the first 30 words of her novel and is offering YOU the chance to submit your ideas for the start of a story (30 words or less). Natalie will personally read the entries and offer her ideas about them as part of her lecture. Please send your ideas to Miss Carroll by email soon!

If you like reading, writing or have ever thought about a career in writing or the arts this is an unmissable opportunity! 


WritePost is your chance to get your writing out there! Take a postcard and write something - anything - and send it in. 

Thought of a great song lyric?
Have a line of poetry floating in your head but stuck on where to go next?
Got a great idea for a novel but haven't had the time to write it up yet? 

Send your words in - however long or short or strange - it might cure your writer's block, get something off your chest or simply make you - and us - smile.  

Post in at the #WritePost box or use the Royal Mail, addressed to the English Dept at LHS. 

The Wicked Young Writers' Award

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